Period Yoga | Ep 1

This 60-minute recorded pelvic yoga class is designed to stretch & relax your muscles to help ease period cramps.



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This class might be for you if you:

  • have PMS or period cramps
  • have tight hips or low back
  • experience pelvic floor pain
  • have a hypertonic pelvic floor
  • experience pain during intercourse
  • have trouble inserting a tampon
  • have vaginismus
  • experience low back pain
  • have tight hamstrings & inner thighs
  • have pelvic floor tension
  • want to relax & unwind
  • have stuck or stagnant energy

How can yoga help my cramps?

So many of us are told to kegel, kegel, kegel but has anyone ever taught you how to properly do a kegel?  The truth is not everyone needs kegels.  In fact, over strengthening already tense pelvic floor muscles can lead to super painful period cramps and most of us need to learn how to do the opposite of a kegel!

After you purchase this month’s period yoga you will receive a PDF that includes my favorite pelvic breathing technique & link to the recorded period flow.  This 60-minute slow flow will teach you how to stretch & relax your pelvic floor muscles to help ease period pain.