Full Moon Period Yoga

Full Moon Period Yoga Class description This 60-minute relaxing virtual yoga class includes some of my favorite poses to help relax pelvic floor muscles to ease period pain. This class might be for you if: You have PMS or period cramps You have a hypertonic (or tense) pelvic floor You experience pelvic floor pain You […]

Charity Full Moon Yoga – March

Charity Full Moon Yoga Class This class is to raise awareness & provide support for the farmers in india. This month I’ve decided to make the monthly full moon yoga class a donation based class with all proceeds going to 5 Rivers Heart, a charity that is supporting the farmer’s protesting in India. This charity […]

Learn to Love Backbends

LEARN TO LOVE BACKBENDS WHEN: Wed 2/10 at 5PM Wednesday, February 10th at 5:00-6:15PM MST WHAT: 75-min Heart Opener Yoga Flow This 75-minute yoga flow will show you how to properly prep to go deeper into your backbends safely & break down some of the most common backbends in yoga.  Good for beginners or those […]

Yoga Book Club: Pelvic Liberation

Womens Yoga Circle: Book Club I’m getting ready to re-read my favorite Pelvic Yoga book, “Pelvic Liberation“ by Leslie Howard. This book is like the sex education we never had + yoga pose guide on how to modify poses to support YOUR pelvic floor. I shared this on instagram and was BLOWN AWAY by how […]

Relaxing Bedtime Yoga

Does your anxiety keep you awake at night? Try out this short bedtime yoga flow to help quiet your mind & calm your body before bed. Enter your email to receive this FREE 15-minute Bedtime Yoga for Anxiety This is the bedtime yoga flow from my yoga for anxiety course, Ease Your Mind. This 15-minute yoga […]

Deepen Wheel Pose Safely

Want to deepen your wheel pose? Check out these tips! Wheel or upward facing bow asks a lot of the body, especially the low back.  Check out some of my tips to take this backbend pose and others to the next level safely! First, let’s look at the subtle differences between these poses.  These pictures were […]

Yoga 101: At Home Props

With quarantine many are investing in their at home yoga & fitness equipment.  Because of this, many items are sold out on amazon. Please let me know via instagram if you can’t find any specific props and needed more recommendations! Yoga Blocks I think these are the most vital prop you can add to your home […]

Reading List

Pelvic Liberation: Using Yoga, Self-Inquiry, and Breath Awareness for Pelvic Health by Leslie Howard I was lucky enough to study Pelvic Yoga under the author of this book in San Francisco!  In yoga they often say “mula bandha” but has anyone every fully explained what that means?  This book was so eye opening both from […]

yoga benches

what is a yoga bench? Yoga benches are a great way to get comfortable playing upside down!  They take out a lot of the arm strength, shoulder flexibility and balances that goes into doing freestanding headstands & handstands.  They allow you to achieve the benefits of inversions (for circulation, digestion, metabolism) while adding in neck […]

Weightless Headstand

Purchase FeetUp Trainer No that’s not a squatty potty in the video above.  It’s a FeetUp trainer, a great way to practice for headstands, handstands, pincha and more!  It helps you get comfortable upside down before adding all the other strength and balance components to the mix. It removes a lot of arm work, shoulder […]