No baby, no pelvic care?

When did pregnancy become a qualifier for adequate healthcare?

On the baby journey, many parents take pregnancy classes. I’ve had students take everything from fertility classes to increase chances of conception to pelvic floor classes to prep for labor. It’s like those who are pregnant (or actively trying to be) get the sex education we never had. 

But what about those who can’t afford these classes or don’t know they exist? Or those waiting to have kids? Or those choosing to live child free? Is pelvic healthcare & sex education only for wealthy people actively trying to get pregnant?

Why are we waiting until people are pregnant (or trying to be) to teach them how their bodies work?!  And why isn’t this information accessible to everyone, regardless of finances or insurance coverage?!  


Everyone deserves proper pelvic healthcare, regardless of their decision to have kids or not.  And for those having kids, wouldn’t it be better to make sure your pelvic floor muscles are functioning properly before pregnancy? I mean I’m personally grateful I learned things like “tense pelvic floor muscles can increase chances of tearing during labor” BEFORE having a baby in there.  I was tense AF and it’s much easier to learn how to stretch & relax those muscles properly without someone pushing all over the place. 

I believe overmedication & undereducation in pelvic healthcare has played a huge part in keeping many from stepping into their full power! There are many who’ve benefited from us being numbed by birth control, uninformed about our bodies, being pressured to have babies & working against our cyclical nature. Past partners, the government, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, corporate bosses…the list goes on!

We all deserve more from pelvic healthcare.  Things like cycle tracking & pelvic physical therapy shouldn’t be things we learn about in our 30s after a few kids.  This information that people deserve to have from the beginning, so they can make INFORMED decisions about their health.  “My body, My choice” only works if we’re giving people proper care regardless of their reproductive choices!!!

What the world need now is love, yoni love!

In order for everyone to receive better pelvic healthcare we need to start having open conversations about things like periods, bladder leaks, sex & masturbation.  If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, I’d love for you to join my monthly Period Yoga class!

Each month before class we either have a discussion or a guest speaker.  The open discussion gives a safe place for students to share their period stories, ask questions & share menstrual tips.  The guests are specially picked to teach us something new, like how nutrition can affect your cycle! Then we do a 60-minute yoga class to help relax & stretch tense pelvic floor muscles.  This can help ease & prevent painful period cramps.