Full Moon Period Yoga

Class description

This 60-minute relaxing virtual yoga class includes some of my favorite poses to help relax pelvic floor muscles to ease period pain.

This class might be for you if:

  • You have PMS or period cramps
  • You have a hypertonic (or tense) pelvic floor
  • You experience pelvic floor pain
  • You want to relax & unwind
  • You like yoga that feels like adult nap time
  • Your energy feels stuck or stagnant
  • You have limiting beliefs you’re ready to release
  • You love practicing yoga on the full moon!

Supporting your bleed during all of your cycle phases

July’s Period Yoga includes an extra special guest – Kate Morton!  Kate will teach us yogis all about the 4 phases of our cycle & how to support each phase.  This will include an intro to seed cycling which can help optimize your hormones to combat things like: painful cramps, period acne, irregular periods & pms symptoms.

Meet Kate & Funk It

Who is Kate Morton?

Kate is a Registered Dietitian, host of “Period Chats” podcast & the founder of Funk It Wellness. She has a master’s degree in Human Clinical Nutrition that focuses on women’s health and fertility.

What is Funk It?

Funk It is a menstrual health company that makes natural products to empower and support the entire cycle.  They offer inclusive education and products that are both empowering and delicious.

Gifts from Kate

Everyone who signs up for July’s Period Yoga will receive Kate’s Summer Smoothie Guide + 15% OFF Funk Products, including their kits that make seed cycling super simple & convenient.

50% OFF Private Yoga

Everyone who registers will also receive 50% OFF their first virtual private yoga session with me.

In this session we can focus on relaxing or strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, based on your specific needs.  This can also be used for traditional yoga, instead of pelvic, if you prefer.

Pre-Recorded Period Yoga

Not ready to jump into private sessions and can’t wait for the next live period yoga?  Check out our first pre-recorded episode of period yoga: