Charity Full Moon Yoga Class

This class is to raise awareness & provide support for the farmers in india.

This month I’ve decided to make the monthly full moon yoga class a donation based class with all proceeds going to 5 Rivers Heart, a charity that is supporting the farmer’s protesting in India. This charity was brought to me by one of my students & dear friends, Manni.  I am excited to partner with her to raise money for this charity & awareness around this cause.  Keep reading to learn more & donate!

After you sign up, please go donate using paypal or venmo.

Meet Manni & learn more about this cause:

My name is Manpreet Purewal.  My family comes from farming, which is why I want to spread awareness and support for the current protest in India. My friend and yoga teacher, Lisa, has kindly offered to host a donation based yoga class for helping support the farmers protest. 

In India about 50% of the workers are farmers and they are having the largest protest in history against 3 laws that the government implemented in September 2020. These laws which are on hold now, would take away government-regulated markets (called mandis) where they are guaranteed minimum support prices  and have them sell directly to independent buyers. The fear is that the corporations won’t pay them for what the crops are worth, which causes even a greater financial burden. Many of the farmers are elders who are protesting for the next generation’s future. 


The 5 River Hearts organization has been supporting the protesters by setting up medical camps, library, and temporary housing. The protest can only stay strong as long as they are staying healthy. The proceeds from this class would go towards helping them pay for medications, food, and housing needs. 

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