what is a yoga bench?

Yoga benches are a great way to get comfortable playing upside down!  They take out a lot of the arm strength, shoulder flexibility and balances that goes into doing freestanding headstands & handstands.  They allow you to achieve the benefits of inversions (for circulation, digestion, metabolism) while adding in neck decompression (which we don’t normally associate with headstand.) I highly recommend yoga benches for beginners or experienced yogis looking to further their inversion practice. 

how much do they cost?

Yoga benches range in price from $60-$200.  I have a video that shows a weightless handstand method using blocks (or books) that is much cheaper.  This can range you from $0-$40 depending on what props you have at home.

Because it requires a wall it doesn’t allow for the ability to work on poses suchs as inverted splits or scorpion, but it’s a great way to start and see if a yoga bench is worth the investment.  If you’re interested in a yoga bench, check out the options below.

Restrial Life - My Top Pick!

This yoga bench by Restrial Life is my purchase recommendation! It has great reviews and is about half the price of the leading competitor.  It has only 1/2 a star less on amazon but with 3x the number of reviews!

This brand offers more color choices (not all available on amazon) and added features, like the yoga bricks that make this a full yoga bench NOT just an inversion tool.  One of my students who recently ordered this product said she finds it very sturdy & comfortable on the shoulders.

FeetUp - Worth the price?

FeetUp has been making a splash on instagram but is it worth the price tag?  This brand will run you around $140-$170. There are limited color options and comparable products with more features sell on amazon for almost 1/2 the price!

Thundesk - Good Option

This doesn’t offer all of the features of restrial life brand but the price is good and has 4 star rating on amazon.  Not as many reviews to go off of and the shape is slightly different from a traditional bench.  If anyone has used personally, I’d love to hear feedback!