With quarantine many are investing in their at home yoga & fitness equipment.  Because of this, many items are sold out on amazon. Please let me know via instagram if you can’t find any specific props and needed more recommendations!

Yoga Blocks

I think these are the most vital prop you can add to your home practice, outside of a yoga mat.  Whether you are inflexible, hypermobile, tall, short – blocks make yoga much more accessible.  The cork ones are fun but can be a little too firm for what I like to use blocks for so I recommend the foam ones like these ones from Gaiam.   These are what I use in my personal practice.

Yoga Mat

Everyone has a different type of mat they like.  I like to have a versatile mat that can be used on many surfaces (hard floors or carpet) so I usually choose a denser material. Some hot yogi fans like the mats where the towel is included but I prefer to just at a yoga towel on top when I practice in a heated space.  I have a manduka knock-off I picked up from a TJ Maxx a while back.  Not sure of the brand but I’ve included the brand its similar to below.

Because I prefer a heavier mat, I also like to keep a lighter travel mat because my regular one is pretty heavy to tote around for things like yoga in the park. 

Yoga Sandbags

Missing those in person adjustments at the studio?  Try adding Sandbags to your practice.  The steady weight can be a great way to simulate adjustments in things like child pose and can bring a cool body effect to your savasana.  Grounding & then weightless..


Blankets are one of my favorite yoga props! Great prop if you have bad knees (or just want to keep from having them in the future), low back pain or want to have a more restorative practice.  Here I have a link for mexican blankets which are the most common in yoga studios but any sturdy blanket will do.  Stay away from slippery fabrics, like silk.

Yoga Bench

If you’re new to inversions or looking to take your practice further, I highly recommend a yoga bench!  They make inversions so much more accessible by taking out a lot of the arm/shoulder strength required, allowing you to get comfortable playing upside down.

Currently my top pick Restrial Life is out of stock but their competitor is available. At $150 it’s almost twice the price but might be the only quality option for a while.  I haven’t tried the metal ones but the shape doesn’t look as stable as these wooden models. 

Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheels are a game changer for backbends!  The support they provide can help you get into deeper heart openers safely.  I recommend the 12″ size for opening the midback.  You can also use this prop in a variety of other ways such a foot support in inversions.  I recommend getting one with a soft coating such a corklike material.  You’re going to spend around $35 for a quality yoga wheel.

Yoga Strap

Lack flexibility or looking to take some of your backbends and forward folds   further?  Yoga straps are one of the most inexpensive things you can add to your at home yoga studio, usually averaging around $5-6 bucks.  These also make great makeshift matholders!

Massage Balls

I love combining massage into my yoga practice. For a firmer massage I recommend grabbing lacrosse balls.  For medium, tennis.  For soft, black racquet.  The body shows up different everyday and I work many different areas of the body so I like to have 1-2 of each!