No that’s not a squatty potty in the video above.  It’s a FeetUp trainer, a great way to practice for headstands, handstands, pincha and more!  It helps you get comfortable upside down before adding all the other strength and balance components to the mix.


It removes a lot of arm work, shoulder strength and quite a bit of the balance making it a great time to build core strength and practice different movements. It also provides neck decompression, which you’ll definitely need if you’re doing tripod headstands.


Whether you’re just getting upside down for the first time or working on new tricks, the feetup provides stability to your inversion practice.

Can’t afford one of these badass trainers?? Try using blocks! You’ll need 6 regular sized blocks & a wall! This won’t allow for quite the same stability and range of motion with the legs but it’s a great starting point if you’re brand new to inversions!