Metta Meditation | A Meditation of Loving-Kindness

This is one of my favorite meditations from my training in Costa Rica last summer. It is a meditation of love and kindness, which the whole world could use right now.


Before you begin it’s helpful to have your 5 people in mind, maybe even write them down:


1) Someone you admire – this is often someone you don’t know personally who’s impacted a lot of lives. For me this might be Wayne Dyer or Yung Pueblo.


2) Someone you love – can be spouse, child, brother, sister, mother, father, friend, teacher, student. Anyone you have positive feelings towards.


3) Someone you feel neutral about – this one is often tough! If you can’t think of one maybe just send a general message of love to all the men & women in the medical industry, on the front lines during this time.


4) Someone you dislike – choose someone who you have negative feelings towards. Perhaps someone from your past who has caused you pain or a boss that grinds your gears.


5) You – these go in order from easiest time hardest. Do not forget to send yourself love during this time!!


This meditation can be done again and again with the different or same people. I did it every day for a week at my training and it was so cool to see who was coming to mind by the last day. People I’d never though to send love before.


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