Yoga for Anxiety

Yoga has helped me so much with my anxiety & sharing this healing is one of the main reasons I teach yoga today.

If you experience anxiety, panic attacks or have trouble managing stress yoga can be a great practice to add to your routine.

I’ve created a 10-day course, Ease Your Mind, that shares all of my favorite yoga poses, breath exercises & meditations I’ve learned to help calm anxiety.

Pelvic Yoga

So many women are stepping onto their yoga mats as a way to strengthen & relax, but few of us know how to properly strengthen or relax some of the most important muscles – the pelvic floor muscles!

I have been trained in Pelvic Yoga and am passionate about helping women connect to their bodies.  Pelvic Yoga can help with pain during sex, painful periods & low back pain.  It can also help with issues such as incontinence and constipation. 

If you’re interested in incorporating pelvic yoga into your yoga program, book a private session with me!

Headstand, Pincha & Handstand

Is your goal to learn handstand in 2021?  Are you working on headstand, pincha or handstand but feel stuck?

Friends don’t let friends learn inversions alone!

Join our FREE Handstand Friends Group for free yoga classes, handstand tips & more to support you on your handstand journey!

meet lisa

Yoga not love at first sight? I feel you.  It wasn’t for me at first either.

Yoga is about more than just the poses, but if you don’t feel comfortable in them it’s hard to go deeper & it’s hard to feel comfortable when you have no idea what down dog is.

My goal is to help women feel comfortable with the physical practice of yoga so they can tap into the deeper benefits, like anxiety relief & processing anger.

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