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Do you experience pelvic floor conditions such as period pain, pain during intimacy, constipation or bladder leaks?

It’s time to try pelvic yoga with Lisa!

Book a 1:1 pelvic yoga session to learn how to modify your yoga practice for all your pelvic floor needs.

what is pelvic yoga?

A strong & flexible pelvic floor is crucial for healthy bladder, rectal, menstrual & sexual function. Imbalance caused by excess tension or weakness can cause pelvic issues such as:

  • Painful or Irregular Periods
  • Pain during Intercourse
  • Bladder Issues (leaks, urgency, frequency)
  • Constipation or IBS
  • Trouble Orgasming

Pelvic yoga helps to correct these imbalances & restore proper function. If you’re interested in incorporating pelvic yoga into your yoga practice, please book a private session with me! 

Painful Periods?

Join me for the next session of Period Yoga where I share my favorite pelvic yoga poses to help prevent & ease menstrual cramps.

This class includes:

  • Live Zoom Yoga Class
  • 30-Day Recording
  • Period Yoga Guide
  • Private Yoga Discounts

yoga for pregnancy & postpartum

You & your pregnancy are unique.  Here’s a yoga practice that’s as special as you.  Click here to learn more about private sessions to support you during pregnancy, labor & beyond.

meet lisa

At first, I hated yoga.  I felt lost, confused & couldn’t relax.  Over time I found teachers who helped me find confidence & ability to let go on the mat so I could tap into deep healing – for my mind, body & soul. 

My goal is to help students feel comfortable with the physical practice of yoga so they can tap into the deeper benefits, like managing anxiety, womb space healing & pain relief.

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